13 Reasons Why is streaming on Netflix. Here's some information about the series and how to get support if you need it.

13 Reasons Why explores issues many young people face, such as suicide and suicide bereavement, sexual violence, drug-use, bullying, domestic violence and peer pressure. The third season is now available for viewing.

The shows have been extremely popular, but graphic scenes and exploration of heavy issues in Season 1 left some viewers feeling distressed and in need of support. Season 2 had a similar affect.

The Chief Censor has rated it RP18: Contains rape, suicide themes, drug use and bullying.

If you need urgent support or are worried about someone please reach out for help.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, call your DHB Mental Health Crisis Team or go to your nearest Emergency Department (ED).

If there is immediate danger, call 111.

What is 13 Reasons Why?

13 Reasons Why is a television show, available on Netflix.com. All three seasons are now available for viewing and subscribers can watch them at any time.

The show takes place after the suicide of 17-year-old Hannah Baker, and explores the ‘reasons why’ she may have taken her life. When Season 1 was released in March 2017 it quickly became Netflix’s most talked about show.

Season 2 featured a trial between Hannah’s parents and her school, trying to discover who is most to blame for Hannah’s death.  Season 3 is about the suspected murder of a school student.

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If you’re affected by watching 13 Reasons Why

Know you're not alone. The show is designed to have an effect on viewers, and many people find it distressing, confronting or triggers emotions. You may feel ashamed or embarrassed but please talk to someone about how you’re feeling. You deserve to be heard and you deserve support.

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