Evolve Peer Support Trust

Evolve Peer Support Trust is a mindfulness-based peer run Charitable Trust with a focus on people with anxiety and/or depression to improve their quality of life and mental well being.

We provide several services:
-Evolve peer support groups
-Evolve peer-led programmes
-Mindfulness sessions

Our mission is to provide a place where the energy of depression and anxiety is disempowered and our humanity is rediscovered and reclaimed within an atmosphere of acceptance and unity. A place where we learn from each other and grow with each other.

No Charge!

Support groups are held every week at:
211 Peachgrove Road

Tuesdays, 5pm–6pm
Saturdays, 1pm–2pm

Phone: 07 444 5053
Email: evolvetrust (at) gmail.com

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GROW Mental Health

GROW Mental Health offers a supportive environment to help those who struggle to live well in the world. We are a community mental health movement with groups suitable for people recovering from mental illness, anyone suffering a crisis, and for those who need support to self-manage their daily lives. We offer friendship and support at weekly group meetings that are open to all. The meetings follow a routine format and embrace a 12-step program.

The GROW Mental Health community are people who have been in your shoes and know how you feel. We have found our way back to wholeness and our passion is to help you do the same. No referrals are required, no fees are charged, however a small donation to meet group expenses is usual and voluntary.

Address: GROW Mental Health have Zoom groups nationwide, and physical groups in Auckland, Thames, Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin
Phone: Nationwide enquiries: 09 846 6869 or 021 049 1360
Email: auckland (at) grow.org.nz

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