Anxiety Meet Up Group - Wellington

This group has been created for those in the Wellington area who suffer from a range of anxiety disorders, depression and other forms distress. It is a peer led support group that encourages and supports those in a friendly, easy going and non judgmental way. It is a place to share experiences, to offer advice and to comfort those who feel isolated and alone when times are difficult. It is also an opportunity to have some fun, to form friendships and to meet some new like minded and understanding people.

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ThroughBlue: Support group for women with experience of depression

ThroughBlue is a structured, ongoing peer support group with facilitators (group size up to 16), which offers quick help at a low cost, to which members can self-refer. Meetings are held in Wellington twice a week, one on Mondays at 7.30pm and the other on Fridays at 12.30pm. The service is open to all Greater Wellington women with experience of depression.

Cost to attend meetings: $10 waged, $5 unwaged.
To join ThroughBlue, please visit:

Phone: 021 707870
Email: throughbluenz (at)

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