For many people, taking on a full 42km marathon is a once-in-a-lifetime challenge. But for Nikorn Banjerdlert, now on his fifth marathon, running marathons is fast becoming a way of life.

“I have been running seriously, happily, for about six years. So, I just try to enjoy it more and take more photos to share with everyone on Facebook.”

For Nikorn, who is running the Auckland Marathon to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation, this event is an opportunity to support a cause that has touched his whānau deeply.

Nikorn’s daughter Indigo has borderline personality disorder, and he has seen first-hand how his “amazing, loving, caring girl” has been affected by stress, anxiety and depression.

He’s set himself a fundraising goal of $10,000 , and with his friends and family making donations, he’s sure he’ll hit that mark.

“My friends, they love Indigo and us, and want to help achieve Indigo's dream to help others with mental health issues.”

“Since I’m fundraising, I’m aiming to run 42K with my phone this time so that I can take more photos through the whole event this year, and spread the word through the beautiful, inspiring photos.”

Nikorn encourages anyone thinking about running to fundraise for mental health to give it a go. 

“Just DO IT! Do it now, pick your distance. Run, walk, stop for a selfie or photos but don’t stop or give up.”