New post-quake research

10 Jun, 2014

New research conducted by the All Right? campaign in 2014 shows that post-earthquake Cantabrians are tired and grieving for what has been lost, but still see lots of opportunities for the future.

82% of survey respondents had a better sense of what is important to them since the earthquakes, and 4 out of 5 Cantabrians feel they value other people more than they did before the quakes.

However, there was a 10% increase in the number of people who felt tired since the last survey in 2012, and less than half (48%) reported regularly sleeping well. 1 in 4 Cantabrians reported feeling overwhelmed, and nearly half (47%) worried about experiencing another earthquake. 35% of respondents have more health issues since the earthquakes.

There was also a significant difference between respondents who had had their EQC/insurance property claims settled, compared with those whose claims had not. Respondents whose claims had been settled felt more in control of their lives, more energetic, less tired and stressed, and less insecure. Those still waiting for the EQC or their insurance company to settle their claims were more likely to feel angry and as though life was full of uncertainty.

Cantabrians have lived through over 14,000 earthquakes in the last four years, and the All Right? campaign, lead by the CDHB and the Mental Health Foundation, continues to work to ensure Cantabrians can look after their own mental health and wellbeing during the recovery, even when facing things that are beyond their control.

See the full results of the research on the All Right website or check out the highlights with this infographic.