$50,000 worth of media grants available now

5 Aug, 2016

If you are a journalist or a creative artist with an interest in changing people’s attitudes about mental distress, then the 2016 NZ Mental Health Media Grants are now open for applications!

Thanks to ongoing sponsorship from the Frozen Funds Charitable Trust and support from Like Minds, Like Mine, there's up to $50,000 available for three journalism and two creative projects.

“We’ve had some exciting and award-winning journalism and creative projects over the past nine years,” MHF chief executive Shaun Robinson says. “Most recently, Kim Vinnell from TV3’s Story and Yvonne O’Hara from the Allied Press have completed bodies of work that have tackled topics such mental health in the workplace and rural families mental health.

“And creative works such as Rob Mokaraka’s one-man show Shot Bro, Sam RB’s album Seems I Might Be Human and Guy Frederick’s exhibition The Space Between Words, still resonate with people,” he says.

Time to investigate a news story or fully explore a creative project idea 

The grants allow applicants time to investigate a news story or more fully explore a creative project idea before sharing their work with other New Zealanders via several platforms.

Stories and creative works are focused around annual themes. This year’s themes include exploring social inclusion, human rights, and the myths and realities of mental distress. Projects should have a strong focus on positive experiences as well as acknowledging any challenges that are encountered.

“Previous projects have been particularly successful in challenging people’s perceptions of the experience of mental distress,” Shaun says. “By addressing people’s misconceptions and attitudes, we hope to create more socially inclusive communities and workplaces for those experiencing mental distress.”

What's your idea?

Do you have an idea you would like to develop into a thought-provoking article, documentary, film, play, book, or art exhibition?

The Mental Health Foundation welcomes project proposals from journalists, photojournalists and those freelancing in print, radio or TV media; as well as artists, creative writers, musicians, and performers. Journalism, photojournalism and creative students may also apply.

Register your interest to receive an application pack.

Applications close 28 September 2016.

For more information, please contact:
Cate Hennessy
Media Grants Co-ordinator
021 687 426