Have you experienced seclusion or restraint?

29 Sep, 2016

The Human Rights Commission would like to hear from anybody who has experienced seclusion or restraint as part of a review into its practice in New Zealand.

If you’ve experienced seclusion or restraint in a mental health unit, a care and protection residence, police cell or a youth justice facility, then please get in touch with the commission. They also want to hear from people who work with or care for people who have been secluded or restrained.

The Human Rights Commission and its National Preventive Mechanisms partners are leading a project to review seclusion and restraint policies.

This follows concerns raised about the way government agencies detain some people.

Share your experiences

They would like to hear your experiences – good or bad – and what you think could be improved.

Each submission will be read and you will be contacted if any further discussion or information is needed.

The project will result in a report that will guide the country’s seclusion and restraint policies in the future.

International seclusion practices expert Dr Sharon Shalev will be assisting with the project. She will visit New Zealand for three weeks in October and November and will be visiting detention facilities. She will also have some limited time for meetings. If you can provide expert information, please contact the Human Rights Commission.

Submissions close 18 October, 2016. For further information, please email the Human Rights Commission.