World Hearing Voices Day

14 Sep, 2014

Sunday 14 September is World Hearing Voices Day. The Mental Health Foundation is a signatory to the Melbourne Hearing Voices Declaration. The declaration was signed by signed by 56 organisations that believe in the consumer leadership movement.

We believe that holding onto hope is central to people's recovery. There are many myths about hearing voices that leave people isolated, and many people have different beliefs about where voices come from. The experience of hearing voices is meaningful, and through the leadership of those with lived experience, people can come out from isolation, and learn to live with their voices.

We acknowledge the importance of the strong traditions and beliefs associated with hearing voices and the right for people to continue to hold these beliefs while on their recovery journey.

Along with the other signatories on the declaration, we are committed to ensuring people feel safe to talk about hearing voices and other unusual experiences, working to enable increased hope, control and opportunity for people who hear voices and their families, listening to the experiences of those who hear voices, working with (rather than against) voices, tackling myths and stigma about hearing voices, and supporting people to build skills that empower them to change their relationship with voices.

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