Take the Load Off: New video launched

27 Jul, 2017

A new animated video has been launched as part of the Mental Health Foundation's new online campaign Take the Load Off.

The new campaign, which is part of Like Minds Like Mine, reduces mental illness stigma and discrimination. For the one in five Kiwis who experience mental illness each year, stigma and discrimination is like a constant, heavy weight that makes life more challenging than it needs to be. It's also one of the biggest barriers to recovery.

In the new video, Taihape farmer Daniel Mickleson talks about his experience with depression and mental illness stigma and the person who helped him take the load off.

The new Take the Load Off website focuses on the simple things people can do to reduce the weight of mental illness discrimination. It features:

  • Stories about Kiwis who have experienced mental illness stigma and discrimination and the things people have done to lighten the load for them. 
  • Simple Ideas about how you can take action to end mental illness discrimination.
  • The opportunity to thank those who have taken the load off for you.
  • Information on what mental illness discrimination is, how it works, why it happens and what you can do to help end it.

Please follow the Like Minds, Like Mine Facebook page to stay up-to-date on the campaign action.


Amanda Wickman
Senior Communications & Marketing Officer
09 623 4810 x 817