Important resubscribe notice for MHF newsletter fans

7 Nov, 2014

November may have started at the MHF with bit of a bang, but our new email system trial was more of a fizzer!

Turns out all the newsletters the MHF produces have subscriber databases that are little old and need refreshing so that our new Mail Chimp software doesn’t reject them.

About 200 people will have received the new format E-Bulletin this week, and they have no need to resubscribe. But the very large majority will have received an old format version with a note to resubscribe on our new website.

If you received an E-Bulletin that looked the same as always YOU are one of the people who need to RESUBSCRIBE.

And, as always, please forgive us if you receive more than one notice to resubscribe, it’s just because you love us so much and subscribe to more than one of our newsletters.

Remember, if you don’t resubscribe (it only takes a few seconds), you will be lost from our database and never hear from us again. Sob.

If you need more information, please contact senior comms officer, Sophia Graham, on 09 623 4810.