Update on Words Hurt competition

2 Apr, 2014

words hurt poster a4The following resources are now available to support participants in the Mental Health Foundation’s secondary schools competition, Words Hurt.

Formative Exercise Unit Plan (for teachers)

Information for participants

Poster A4 as JPG and PDF

Poster A3 as JPG and PDF

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Secondary schools throughout New Zealand have already taken up the challenge and will produce a video for the competition.

The video brief is to create a video that encourages young people to stop and think when they hear or use words like “nutjob”, “retard”, “schizo”, or “mental”, and reflect on language that is stigmatising or discriminatory.

The competition is open to all secondary school students, but could be the product of a formative exercise for media production standards 2.6 and 3.6, for which we have provided a teaching unit plan. The project must be submitted by 20 June 2014.

Please email Ivan Yeo if you require any further information, or phone Ivan on 027 280 8972.