Mal marches on despite the setbacks

17 Mar, 2015

Mountain marathon runner Mal Law is now over half way towards finishing the race of his life.

Today marks the 37th day of the High Five-0 Challenge for Mental Health, edging ever closer to the finish line on day 50.

After Mal’s knee injury and the loss of his friend Steve Combe, he made the difficult decision to let his support runners run the marathons without him for a few days, while he concentrated on “just” scaling a peak a day.

This allowed him some much-needed rest, and meant he could attend Steve’s funeral with wife Sally.

By day 20, he was back to plan A: running a mountain marathon a day.

He reached the halfway point of the challenge on 5 March, here is an excerpt from his blog:

"The day started with what Mal referred to as '15km of unbroken uphill to the summit' – one of his favourite ways to spend any morning.”

The MHF's own Hugh Norriss ran with Mal last week, and says he got a real sense of the enormity of the challenge Mal is attempting for the foundation.

This challenge has the potential to have ongoing, long-term benefits for many New Zealanders, and Hugh and Mal will be discussing how to make the most of what the High Five-0 has started when the challenge is over.