Get that man off that mountain

18 May, 2015


Mal Law will spend Tuesday 19 May running up and down Mt Eden to raise over half a million dollars for mental health – and he won’t leave until he’s done.

On Tuesday morning, Mal Law will set off on a run up and down Mt Eden, probably joining a few other people who like to start their day with a little run. There’s one key difference, though: Mal says he will not get off that mountain until he has raised $505,050 for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand and he’ll keep running up and down until way after the sun goes down if he has to.

Why that number?

Earlier this year, Mal completed what was arguably the biggest feat of endurance ever attempted on New Zealand soil when he climbed 50 mountains in 50 days, covering almost 1,700 kms over rough terrain while climbing the equivalent of 10 Everests, to raise money for the Foundation. It was an amazing adventure that caught the imagination of the nation.

He reached his initial fundraising target of $250,000 before he even started running and smashed the revised $400,000 a week before climbing his 50th mountain. That day, he decided to revise his goal one final time: $505,050 with every dollar donated to the Mental Health Foundation.

He is currently just over the $490,000 mark and only has to the end of Tuesday to raise the remaining money before he hands over the big fat cheque to the Foundation. He sees Tuesday as his “day of reckoning” when he will use his legendary determination and beaten-up body in one final attempt at reaching his big audacious dollar goal. And he vows to keep going up and down Mt Eden until that is done.

“This really, really matters to me,” says Mal, who lost his brother-in-law Max to suicide. “It’s one thing to have accomplished the initial physical journey but I can’t rest easy until this final goal, which is so tantalisingly close, is achieved. If that means putting my tired and unwilling body back on the line for a few more painful hours then so be it.”

Why Mt Eden?

Mal is going back to where it all began when he first launched the Partners Life High Five-0 Challenge for Mental Health almost 16 months ago by climbing Mt Eden 50 times.

“Mt Eden holds a special significance for me as it’s where this life-absorbing challenge officially began. There’s a neat sense of closing the circle by raising the last dollars where the first ones were earned.”

How to get Mal to come off the mountain:

Mal is vowing to keep going up and down Mt Eden until he reaches his $505,050 fundraising target. Anyone in New Zealand can make a quick donation by texting GOMAL to 2446, which will make an automatic $3 donation to the Mental Health Foundation.
Just 5,000 texts will get him across the line – he’s that close!

Alternatively, people can donate online via Mal’s fundraising page from New Zealand or anywhere in the world.

Mal Law has until midnight of Tuesday to raise the money before he has to present the big cheque to the Foundation. He’ll do the hard work and it’s up to New Zealanders to help him get there.


Photos: Allan Ure