Heroes, bake sales & pink hair!

21 May, 2015

Pink Shirt Day is tomorrow, and this year PSD is huge!

We’ve chosen our five heroes to join us and the Defence Force tomorrow. They are: Ruben Krueger (age 15), Madeline Arps (age 12), Tekau Solomona (age 10), Chance Whittaker-Ngaropo (age 15) and Esther Chiang (age 17). Read their winning entries. Ruben and Madeline are from Nelson and Wellington respectively, and are flying into Auckland tonight. The other three are Auckland based. 

Last year we had 31 events on the calendar, and we were pretty stoked about that! This year we have 147 events (and counting)! People are dying their hair pink, making pink bunting, holding bake sales, making videos and posters – the support for PSD is phenomenal. We’ve sent out resources to 270 schools and organisations, and gained 1800 new likes on Facebook in the last 10 days.

The video we made has been viewed in form classes and assemblies all around the country. 

Some other highlights: 

  • Our old mate the Mad Butcher made a video encouraging people to celebrate PSD
  • The stars of Shortland Street sent us some fantastic photos of the cast wearing our pink shirts
  • A group called Sticks ‘n’ Stones took some inspiration from All Right? and made some rad compliment posters for PSD. You can print out your own.

 Have a meaningful and enjoyable Pink Shirt Day!

Banner credit: Western Leader