Discover our new Mindful Aotearoa website

22 Jul, 2015

MA site 2“When I’m upset, I let myself feel sad, and then I can feel happy again.” – Mindfulness student (aged 7)

This is a typical comment from children being taught our mindfulness in schools Pause, Breathe, Smile programme around the country. We started small with this exciting venture, but are now in a position to roll out the programme to a greater number of primary and intermediate schools. We’re calling for interest from teachers and principals. So be sure to put the word out about the programme, which is described in detail on our brand new, state of the art website Mindful Aotearoa. Once there you can also find out about our mindfulness in the workplace programme.

This beautiful website is brimming with mindful resources, ideas for mindfulness practice and wonderful stories about how teachers and students are benefiting from the Pause, Breathe, Smile programme.