Rick Hanson is returning to Auckland in 2016

27 Nov, 2015

Human brains are like Velcro when it comes to negative experiences, but Teflon when it comes to the good. That negativity bias kept our ancestors alive in tough conditions but, in modern times, it is a relic of the Stone Age – making you more prone to depression and anxiety.

To combat the natural focus on the negative, psychologist Dr Rick Hanson has developed Positive Neuroplasticity Training (PNT). PNT uses the latest developments in neuroscience and psychology to teach you to build up your ability to experience and savour positive emotions. By learning skills to develop a more positive frame of mind, you can rewire your brain so that positivity is the default, not the exception.

Dr Hanson last visited our shores in February, and the Mental Health Foundation is delighted to be hosting him for more in-depth sessions on PNT in January 2016. He will be taking a three-day course on PNT from 23–25 January.

For professionals (and the super keen!), there will also be a three-day course for teaching PNT from 26–28 January.

Dr Hanson is a senior fellow at the University of California Berkeley and a New York Times bestselling author. To learn more and to register your interest, visit the Open Ground website. (Please note, ticket prices are in Australian dollars.)